Built by and for students.

University is an entrepreneurial sweet spot. It’s time we, students, capitalize on our boundless potential.

What we're all about

Students are in a unique position to challenge the status quo and solve complex issues. In short, university years are an entrepreneurial sweet spot.

At Front Row Ventures, we want our peers to capitalize on their potential. We want to help you launch unthinkable ventures.

Our team of student investors will assist you in every step of your entrepreneurial journey. Not only do we invest $25K in our portfolio companies, we create irreplaceable value for our student startups.

The bigger picture is to spread the startup and venture capital culture across Montreal campuses, and offer our strong and diverse community amazing opportunities. Be part of it!

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We gather the most talented and innovative students from every backgrounds and campuses in Montreal.


Our interdisciplinary team of student investors amplifies their peers’ crude potential and daring ideas into groundbreaking ventures.


Front Row Ventures backs student founders with a game-changing investment of $25K. We make their success our priority. We get them to their next milestone.

Our Founders

Raphael Christian-Roy

Managing Partner

Raphael Christian-Roy

Raphaël has always been an entrepreneur. As a teenager, he went from owning a car garage to a window-cleaning business. It’s only once he attended his first Startup Weekend that he grasped the power of tech entrepreneurship.

He is pursuing a bachelor in software engineering and is developing Volume7, a digital product agency for startups, for the past year and a half.

Front Row Ventures’ tech entrepreneur is actively involved in various events as speaker, coach and participant.

Éléonore Jarry Ferron

Managing Partner

Éléonore Jarry Ferron

With a bachelor in accounting, Éléonore contemplated a career in corporate finance. Her summer studying tech entrepreneurship at Stanford made her choose a totally different path: venture capital.

She joined Pléiade Capital, a VC student club, and started a master in financial accounting. Her combined efforts paid off, Brightspark Ventures poaching her from EY less than a year later.

Helping out rising entrepreneurs, our VC brain is also dedicated to women in tech with Technovation Montreal.

Nicolas Synnott

Managing Partner

Nicolas Synnott

Studying International Studies, Nicolas always seeks to empower communities here and abroad.

Responsible of business development at La Gare last year, he discovered Montreal’s dynamic startup community and its undeniable impact on the metropolis.

Front Row Ventures’ poet and community builder now dreams of helping Sub-Saharan African communities build their own ecosystems as a viable solution to current failing models of development.

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