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Built by Students,
For Students.

Canada’s first student-run venture capital fund

We back Canada’s most promising student founders – those leveraging cutting-edge technologies to create and redefine industries.


We Gather

We bring together the most talented, innovative, and passionate students from every background and university campus in Canada.
Currently active on 20+ campuses across Quebec and Ontario, we believe that students are in a unique position to challenge the status quo. We invest in startups in which at least one person on the founding team is a student (undergraduate or graduate).


We Amplify.

Our investment team is run by student leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers and innovators from across Canada.
We amplify student founders’ potential and ideas through world-class mentors, a portfolio of resources, and a robust training process.

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We Back.

We believe a lack of funding is stifling university innovation.
We’re closing that gap by backing student founders with an early game-changing investment of $25,000, through a SAFE with extremely founder-friendly terms. Many of our founders have a minimum viable product, but we also invest in brilliant ideas that need our help to become a reality.

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We choose the visionaries, the hustlers, the overachievers, creative spirits and independent thinkers.

Working on something big? Let’s talk.

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We’re Powered
by Real Ventures.

Established in 2007, Real Ventures backs mission-driven entrepreneurs and nurtures the tech ecosystems in which they thrive. The firm supports visionary founders building innovative tech companies that will have a large-scale positive impact on society. Real has invested in over 280 companies across five funds, managing an active portfolio valued at over $5 billion.

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We’re thankful for
our sponsors.

Our sponsors’ contribution goes far beyond funding. With their deep expertise and networks, they are also key allies for our companies as they navigate the twists and turns of the venture-backed path.