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Building something big? Lets talk. Apply now.


If you’re hard-working, meticulous and passionate about your craft, we’d love for you to join us.


You’ll work alongside a standout team of students from across the country and build a lifelong network in the tech and VC space. You’ll get to work with many of Canada’s top VCs, as well as Canada’s finest startup investors, executives and founders.

Our Ethos

We’re entrepreneurs first. We’re data driven. We invest in people. We all share a spark that made us fall in love with tech entrepreneurship. We are united by our passion and boldness. We are more than a team, we’re family.

The Experience


Hands-on experience: Learn what it’s like to operate a VC firm from the inside. Make investment decisions. Close deals and partnerships. Grow our brand and community. Interact with founders and ecosystem leaders.


Network: We call ourself a family for a reason. Joining FRV is being part of a network of founders, mentors and over 200+ FRV alumni that can open virtually any door in the Canadian tech ecosystem.


Training: Our in-house training will teach you how to be an outstanding VC from 0 to superstar. Reach your personal goals through monthly 1:1 coaching sessions with our industry mentors.

“There’s something very powerful in being the first investor in a startup. You’re basically telling the founders that whatever obstacles they’ll face, you’ll be by their side to bring their vision to reality.”

Alexandre Shee

VP Corp Dev & Strategy @ Sama

“Front Row Ventures gives students a unique opportunity to support innovative startups while learning the ins and outs of early stage venture capital. If I were a student, I’d definitely join.”

Isaac Souweine

Partner @ Pender Ventures

Who You Might Be

Here at FRV, our drive to support ambitious Canadian student entrepreneurs is rooted in a belief that those in the best position to help them, are also students with a diverse set of experiences and interests.

🧑‍💻 Your Study and Interests:

Right now, you may be a student in a Canadian college or university in their undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate study across any major and faculty.

Please note, you DO NOT need to have prior experience in a related field, simply an interest in venture capital, student entrepreneurs, or technology ventures will suffice.

We hire all the way from university freshmen to Ph.D. students. Because our associates need to be students, we ask you are at least in your penultimate year of study, so you’re still in school when you’re with FRV, as our associates graduate to alumni when they graduate university.

Preferably, we hope to have you apart of the team for many years to come, but we understand if you decide to focus on another opportunity after the first year.

⚡️ Your Experiences:

We’re in the business of predicting the future through our investments. Our inherent success as funders and supporters lies in the diversity of experiences of our associates—the more unique perspectives our team has, the better our ability to assess technology ventures and place calculated, but daring bets.

This is one of the core reasons we look for students of all age ranges. In doing so, we understand some applicants will have inherently more experience than others, and that’s okay.

We’re looking for signs of passion in the technology, venture capital, or startup space—this can be through work at a related organization, personal research and writing in the space, or exposure to building things in what you enjoy.

So nothing to worry about if you feel like you haven’t done enough. We really care about your potential.

Current Openings for our 2024-25 Cohort!

We closed our Team24-25 recruitment at the end of February and are not currently recruiting students. To be notified when we launch the next cohort recruitment, fill out this form.